Roberto Cancellara is the award-winning filmmaker of “Bird of Jannah,” which won the best fiction short film at the 2018 Montecatini International Short Film Festival in Italy. His other short films have been screened at many other film festivals throughout Europe.Roberto was born in Switzerland as the son of Italian immigrants. His mother took him to the cinema for the first time at the age of seven to see “E.T.”

It left a lasting impression and in his younger years he was inspired by movies of the 1970s and 80s, especially directors such as Spielberg, Lucas, Scott, Carpenter, Milius, Friedkin, Kubrick, and Sergio Leone.

When he got his first camera as a teenager, he began to make his first short films, mostly with friends and family. After his studies at film school, he did small jobs shooting advertising and music videos. After making a dozen short films, he wrote his first screenplay and is planning to make it his first feature film. Several others treatments are in the development.